Critical Infrastructures,
Key Resources, Key Assets

Critical Infrastructures, Key Resources, Key Assets

Risk, Vulnerability, Resilience, Fragility, and Perception Governance

Authors: Gheorghe, A.V., Vamanu, D.V., Katina, P.F., Pulfer, R.

The Book:

  • Contains over 200 color illustrations and figures elaborating on models and concepts dealing with risk, vulnerability, resilience, fragility, and perception
  • Introduces the concepts of space, undersea, and below-ground systems to the triplex of critical infrastructure, key resources, and key assets
  • Presents a holistic approach to Quantitative Risk Assessment in different systems
  • Elaborates a model for system resilience governance architectures that addresses systems management, system resilience governance evaluation, and complex situation management
  • Features six standalone appendices, including a model for hierarchical holographic vulnerability assessment, complex system governance, system pathologies, and a lexicon for threat index

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