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Die Zündschnur ist kurz!

"The fuse is short!“

As a small GmbH, control resilience smartly!

Know threats, recognize risks, seize opportunities, implement measures
Author: Dr. Roland Pulfer

"The Fuse is Short!" is a „„cookbook““ series for individuals, families, self-employed individuals, small Limited Liability Companies, and businesses who not only want to observe but also take action.

In the age of location-dependent multi-crises (inflation, energy transition, de-globalization, supply chains, climate change, water scarcity, etc.), threats, risks, and their systemic dependencies inevitably increase. The resulting complexity is often underestimated, dependencies are difficult to assess, consequences are often ignored, and opportunities are not utilized.
Everyone wants to change something immediately, but different is not always better, and constant changes can lead to fatigue.
In the current "mental pollution," what can one still believe when the information overload becomes unmanageable, and there is not enough time for forming opinions due to high dynamics? What should be done and in what order?

The „„cookbook““ provides knowledge and food for thought.
Resilience = Seizing opportunities - recognizing risks - implementing measures.

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